Program Philosophy & Curriculum

Program Plan Philosophy

We strive to provide a positive structured environment for all children to develop their emotional, physical, and social skills through play. Positive reinforcement and child directed activities will help the children develop their skill set for the rest of their lives.

We offer:

  • A stimulating, culturally rich, friendly and safe environment
  • Learning through play that provides for positive social, emotional, and physical development
  • A structured early education curriculum, emphasizing literacy and language development
  • Age appropriate activities to encourage optimum early childhood development
  • Practices consistent with all applicable legislation, licensing, and accreditation standards
  • Nutritious lunches and snacks that meet Canada’s Food Guide standards
  • Well educated, professional staff

Daily Program

Our daily program aims to encourage optimal child development. We follow best practices and meet or exceed all licensing standards governing the provision of child care services. Staff develop weekly program plans for each room in accordance with the FLIGHT curriculum. These plans are customized to meet the children’s developmental needs and interest, and they follow a child directed theme to encourage interest, creativity, and variety.

We encourage children to actively play indoors and outdoors with various toys and equipment to help develop fine and gross motor skills. Our indoor gym and our fenced outside play areas have various age appropriate toys and structures for climbing, riding, crawling, throwing, lifting, and dumping. To encourage learning through play, children also have access to various play centers such as kitchen/house, grocery store, construction site, arts & crafts, blocks, and a reading nook.

The children’s social needs are addressed by large and small group activities such as circle time (singing, stories), conversations with staff, activities between children, free play, role modeling, and outings. Intellectually, age-appropriate learning includes letter and number recognition, cutting, pasting, painting, experiments, open and guided crafts, puzzles, blocks, shapes, matching, repeating, sorting, hand-over-hand modeling, and independent learning.  Creatively, we offer opportunities to create and manipulate items and substances for logic and self-expression. This includes textured blocks, play dough, foam, lego, and sensory bins.

FLIGHT Curriculum

Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Curriculum Framework

Flight is a curriculum framework intended to guide the significant work of early learning and child care educators with young children (ages 0 – before 6 years) and their families in centre-based child care and family day home settings. This is a flexible framework for thinking about how children learn and experience their worlds, as well as a guide that fosters strong early childhood communities.

Children’s play is central to this curriculum framework as an active, exploratory, creative, expressive process, deeply embedded in children’s everyday experiences and through which children participate in, learn about, and actively make sense of the world.